Full Moon of June 2016

full moon june 2016

The Moon goes full on June 20th, 2016. Image was created using a Celestron NexStar 130 SLT telescope and a NexImage 5 imager attached to a Celestron Ultima Duo 21mm eyepiece. Approximately 1 minute of high-resolution video was recorded and then 100+ frames were stacked using RegiStaxx to produce the final image. Location: Round Rock TX.

Just Stargaze T-Shirt

Are you a stargazer? Then I designed this shirt for you. Hope for clear skies and just stargaze the night away.

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Transit of Mercury: How to watch the biggest astronomy event of the year

If bad weather happens to miraculously decide to redirect itself from central Texas I certainly plan on viewing and imaging this rare event. #fingerscrossed

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – On Monday, May 9, you’ll have the opportunity to witness one of the biggest and rarest astronomical events of the year: the transit of Mercury. What is it? The “transit of Merc…

Source: Transit of Mercury: How to watch the biggest astronomy event of the year

A Website for Sunspots

I recently invested in a glass solar filter for my NexStar 130 SLT and I love it. Before I attempt to do any Sun-gazing or solar imaging I usually like to know ahead of time if there are any significant sunspots to view. Is there a website that can tell me? Why yes there is! This website from the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is very resourceful and is perfect for my need. Clear skies, day or night.

Source: Sunspots